Thursday, July 26, 2012

colonial adventure part II

after touring richmond, we visited some pretty cool places:

~the capitol building~

~leave it to us to ditch our tour group and take pictures by an air vent~

~who has time to shop when there is a game of checkers to be won?~


~these two gems rock my world~
photo 1: she can totally pull this look off
photo 2: momma was so excited to use her "parasol" on the carriage ride
photo 3: candid.  baby sister really is that beautiful always.
photo 4: my momma is radiant

~perfect timing~
"mom! get a picture of us in front of the carriage before it passes! hurry!"
success. way to go momma.

~next stop: jamestown~
fun fact: did you know that when pocahontas married john rolfe and moved to england, she converted to christianity and took the name "rebecca"? 

~dragonfly at jamestown~

~mount vernon, home of general george washington~

~tomb of george washington~
i cannot show pictures of his tomb without sharing my feelings of respect and admiration i have for mr. washington. i truly believe he held a sacred duty to lead this nation in its first stage of life. he was a man of God, a man of true honor, integrity and strength. he credited all successes in war and life to Divine Providence and showed continued devoted to God. after spending seven straight years in war with little food, pain, and no pay (and going blind), he quietly took up his belongings, refused the offer to be king, and returned to his wife. 

~the ever beautiful washington d.c. temple~
fun fact: the d.c. temple is the second largest temple in the world!


~chocolate world, hershy, pa~
i have never seen so much candy in one place. it's a real life willy wonka chocolate world.

~eat my weight in chocolate? totally possible~

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

colonial adventure part I

most recently, our spontaneity took us here:

~the greenbrier~
sister, momma and i are hooked on the bachelorette, so when we arrived here where bachelorette emily took one of her dates, we wanted to act like crazed bachelorette fans. unfortunately, this place was a little too classy for that

we strolled into the greenbrier in our oh-so-comfy-not-so-attractive travel clothes. while walking on marble floors adorned with grand pianos and lush love sofas, we were a little out of place, but we didn't mind!

~papabear navigator extraordinaire~
that picture with the map?  candid. he really still uses a map...made out of paper. not an online map, or a gps, or a maps app. a paper map. i'm trying to convince him that gps is a good thing, but it's a work in progress.
however, i may or may not think it's absolutely adorable that he still uses a map

~east coast, take me back~
i can't get enough of this scenery. future summer home in virginia?

~welcome to the jefferson hotel~
 please join us at 3pm for tea time

~meet one of my dearest friends, mr. jeremías~
 i was more than thrilled to visit him in his hometown richmond, va where we got sweaty playing kinect, went out for pizza and walked around a park. this kid will change lives on his mission. see you in two elder!

~st. john's church~
on sundays in the summer, professional actors perform a reenactment of the second virginia convention of march 1775 where patrick henry voiced his famous words, "give me liberty or give me death!" wow, if you ever have the chance to stop by and see the performance, please do so. those men really did devote their lives to the cause of freedom. 

~cobblestone in rva~

~pizza from sette~
that was probably the best pizza i've ever had in my life. and that's sayin' somethin'.

~sister read the first and second book on the trip~
whenever momma suggested we put in the revolutionary war documentary, sister and i simultaneously engaged ourselves in other activities...our plan worked quite well

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My family consistently changes plans. First, it's a trip to Florida. Next, an El Cheapo cruise through Mexico. How about New York City? "I was hoping for nature, not buildings," someone responds. "Amish country?" No response. (Apparently I'm the only one interested in quality quilt shopping and horse and buggy admiring?)
To add to the constant changing of plans, we make last minute decisions too. For most families, this decision making technique creates anger, confusion and more eye rolls than one household can handle. For our family, we seem to have developed this technique into an art.
And it's called spontaneity. 

Most recent spontaneous adventure photos coming soon...