Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Update 4/19/2014

So allow me to tell you about Jorge and Maria Fernanda (MaFer).  Maria Fernanda was baptized years ago but separated from the church when she met and moved in with her boyfriend.  She encouraged him to go to church with her, but he denied and wanted nothing with "los mormones".  We found Maria Fernanda one day in the street and began teaching her.  Soon, she was reactivated and prayed and fasted that her boyfriend would listen to our message.  We approached him one day in their very humble home and invited him to church.  He stared at the ground the whole lesson, shook his head and responded "no" to nearly every question.
That Sunday, maria Fernanda ran up to us exclaiming, "Hermanas! Hermanas!" I turn around with wide eyes.  "Jorge came to a ward activity and liked it and wants "the nines" to come teach him and I'm so happy and when are you coming over to teach him?!"
Breathe, Hermana Scott, breathe.  Let's review what you just heard.
Jorge. Activity. Us. Teach. Jorge. What?!
Apparently, Jorge secretly made his way to a ward activity (he's a sneaky one) and really enjoyed it.  He felt a peace in the chapel and wanted us to teach him.
Challenge accepted.
We learned that he cannot read or write. so we taught him all of the lessons with pictures.  The Spirit was strong and we lined up a member of the ward to come teach hi how to read and write.  His faith grew, his confidence grew, and he and MaFer decided to et married so that he could be baptized!  They were married a week later and baptized that weekend.
So this past Sunday, we had stake conference.  Jorge stood outside his humble home dressed in a white shirt, tie and his favorite Nike sneakers pressing mater to get ready so that they wouldn't be late.  This man is completely different.  Jorge, once a heavy drinker and difficult person has transformed into a priesthood holder with an enthusiasm for the gospel and a friend to many.

Transformations happen. Miracles happen.  And as a missionary, I get to watch them happen.  I just feel so blessed:)

Also, Virginia was baptized!  Once a hard Catholic who didn't want the gospel allowed herself to open her heart and let the Spirit work in it.  Her baptism was beautiful and I just love to see peoples' lives change!

I am happy with Hermana Olsen:)  She is so determined to learn Spanish and she is diligent and obedient.  Could I get better?  I feel so blessed to be a missionary in this time as the Lord hastens His work.  Please, please get involved in missionary work.  Accompany the missionaries.  Open your mouth and talk about the gospel to friends, neighbors and cashiers.  Talk to everyone!  And you will be part of a great transformation!

With all my love,
Hermana Scott