Thursday, August 30, 2012

bienvenidos a españa

¡bienvenidos a españa!
i'm a little late getting to posting about my spain adventure thus far since i've been touring the city here and posting about skydiving (life's tough), but i have some stories to share. let's begin with the airports.
after some nearly teary-eyed farewells to the mama and papa, i gathered my three months worth of baggage, put on my brave face and strolled through those security gates - by "strolled" i mean was patted down by tsa guards, waited for my bag to be checked twice, drank the entire remains of my water bottle in one gulp and tip-toed through the scanner to avoid whatever foot fungus lives on that nasty floor headed for a trip to spain. after two flights and a six hour layover, i found myself sleeping on the floor of the madrid airport with other girls from the group. we, the group of slap-happy-american-girls, created a small room out of our luggage and stolen plane blankets to create a very suitable napping area. thanks to my lavender, silky eye patch, i was ready for some zzzzzs. 
{sidenote}: do you think people who use princess looking, but very practical, eye patches should be a topic of ridicule? me neither. i'm perfectly content with my eye patch guys. on the plan ride home, you'll be jealous you don't have one.

after conversing with some jolly spanish employees, which was quite the 180 from the u.s. airport employees who take the cake for roz look-a-likes...

we headed for alcalá de henares!
kensie, my darling roommate and super hispter friend, and i jam-packed our things into our mamacita's car and later arrived at our little apartment that has become our home. as i unzipped my two suitcases, it soon became apparent that i way over-packed for this trip. well done self. on the bright side, i now have a drawer dedicated to all things medicine. if you have an asthma attack, come to me. allergies? right here. headache? sleep-aid? gas? stomach problems? i got you covered.
oh, and i also have three bottles of hand sanitizers. freshly scented as cucumber melon, that is.

~our happy room~
it's even happier now that we have fans...i don't think i've ever sweat so much in my life.
 no more dainty perspiration rescue for me.
 something about "odor-fighting 'atomic robots' that 'shoot lasers' at your 'stench monsters' and replaces them with fresh, clean masculine 'scent elves"seems a little more satsifying than fresh pear

~futbol all day, er' day~
but really. it's on all of the time. in the morning, during meals, during siesta, in the evening. papa antonio sometimes gets jazzed too, by talking to the screen in in his husky spanish.
 i need a video...

photo 1: mama nieves with her compinche
photo 2: david, our brother
photo 3: toy el vampiro.
toy, the little toy poodle who sometimes decides to be really upset with me for no reason, has teeth that stick outside of his mouth. but better yet, they are his bottom teeth. it's awesome. i'll get a better picture to show his vampiric glory

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