Tuesday, August 14, 2012

argentina part I

~our little group arrives in argentina~
after some empanadas and euchre in the airport

~beautiful paraná~

~mi mamá anfitriona silvia y mi hermana mara~


 ~making meat filled empanadas at step school~

~learning the tango of argentina at step~

~ian, my lovely partner for the tango~
funny how the only rubios get stuck together

~búsqueda de tesoro in the park~

~group shot of all the gringos and their siblings~
goodness, i already miss these kids...and the besitos

~hugo the chef cooking the carne asado, goofing off at dinner~

~boliche beauty~ 

~i'm a dog lover~
1. mara and i saw this little guy roaming around before we took out the boat
2. cuddles and kisses were necessary
3. tunchi became my best buddy on the trip
4. ¡vaya tunchi vaya! tunchi mid jump for the ball. she does not kid around with this game.

~"batman rises" outing~
 we could have used more popcorn don't you think?
p.s. if you ever travel to argentina, know that public water fountains rarely exist. 
so if you want to finish your water fast before a movie so you can fill it up again, then meander blindly through the movie theater halls in search of a remedy for your dehydration, remember this little note

~we went out for a fancy dindin~
adjusting from 6:00 dinners here to 10:00 dinners in argentina was a change, 
but well worth it for some mouth-watering dulce de leche and irresistible treats

i'm not kidding about the mouth-watering dulce de leche

nor the irresistible treats

~we took the lancha out for a ride on the río~
even in the winter, it was gorgeous

~mara and i hung out with the beautiful aldi and cande~
i showed them some real american country music with my favorite brad paisley music videos, and we all belted some taylor swift and camila. these girls are too sweet and simply darling!

~saw kevin johansen at the teatro 3 de febrero~
first off, mr. johansen gave an amazing show
secondly, this gorgeous theater that sits in downtown paraná helped give 
the show some coziness and good ole' glamour. from helping out at the 
theater and spending time with the director and workers, that 
beautiful theater holds a special place in my heart

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