Saturday, August 25, 2012



~dress up with the girlies~
#3 and #4 came over to hang out. naturally, we ended up in the basement ripping tutus and dance recital costumes to create the perfect outfit for a princess.

"wow, you are way too old to be doing that", you may be thinking.  think what you may, but this is only preparation for what's next. when i'm a momma, i will show my kiddos how a real dress up champion does her thing. 

#1 and i got smoothies together. i introduced her to my personal favorite at tropical smoothie: the legendary...bahama mama. 

#3 and #4 made quite a memorable salad

~mozart in the making~

one of the better joys of life: licking the spoon after something delicious is made
one of the best joys of life: licking the bowl after something delicious is made

~do not fear! tape girl is here~
"tape girl" carefully explained to me (and my video camera) how her abilities could save any problem, even a torn piece of paper

~this moment~
it's the moments like this one that remind me why life is so beautiful.

~get a room~
my momma and papa love each other. after papa spent 10 days on his macho man trip (hiking the rocky mountains, golfing...all that jazz) with my brothers, the look in his eyes when he saw my mom walk up to him at the airport was truly precious. goodness, i'm too blessed. i have the most incredible people as parents.
xoxoxo m&p

~my papa the mountain man~
this is what happens when you set him in the wild. 
...also, my dad is santa claus

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