Tuesday, September 18, 2012

let the good times roll

~salsa at 8:00~
as kens and i walked back from a very full night, we passed a salsa dance class on the street. when we saw smiling people gesturing us to join them, how could we not?
with some hip spanish music and hot and steamy salsa moves, it was quite the fiesta. 
when partner time came around, mr. crazy hips's hand was falling a little too far down my back...so i smiled a quick "gracias" and kens and i skipped up the stairs to our apartment


~concierto de oreja de van gogh~
day two of spain adventure. see a famous band live.
life is oh so good.

something funny about spanish people at concerts: they're CALM.
everyone just stands there, sings along occasionally and enjoys the music.
no exaggerated dancing. no beer split on your favorite sweater. no excessive screaming.
weird, right?

i fell in love with oreja de van gogh. i wanted so badly to sing along with all of our concert peers, but i just had to sing "la la la" over and over again guessing which note the melody would take. 
and i also fell in love with how family-friendly this concert was. 
babies were e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.
you'd walk to the back of the crowd and have to dodge strollers and toddlers...at 1:00am!

~meet kensie~ 
big brown eyes. glowing pearly whites. perfectly sculpted legs. sweet. hardworking. talented-in-every-which-way. red. a runner. health nut. a potential best friend. my favorite roommate.

~meet kari~
luscious golden locks. thin 5'11 frame. model status. california babe. runner. equipo de barcelona fan. not afraid to say what she thinks. hilarious. witty. fun-loving. brave.

~meet julie~
thick light red hair. freckles. "lips of perfection". kentucky gal. practical. dedicated. daring, adventurous side that comes out of nowhere. 

they are super beautiful and super darling.

~all smiles in alcalá~

beautiful church door on the calle mayor

~ready for school~
every morning, we eat toast with cream cheese and tomatoes.
and drink a juice box of pineapple and grape juice.

but, it wasn't always that way. kens and i had to fight for a healthy(er) meal. 
day by day, we made our small requests; and day by day, the whole milk, the chocolate cereal, the nutella spread slowly disappeared.
for a while, we hid food under our bed.
wheat bread, bananas, cherry tomatoes...
hiding food was one thing, but covering said food in paper and tissues in the trash can was another.
so far, i don't think they've found out. success!

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