Wednesday, September 26, 2012

let's start at the very beginning

~on our way to school~
i pass buildings that date back to the 17th century on our walk to school each day. goodness, life is good. 

~when followed by a creeper, act fast~
chloe and i picked up quite the creeper. we weaved our way through the calle mayor, dodging strollers, trashcans, and doggie doodoo (thanks alcalá dogs for that) in attempts to escape out of creeper's sight. we turn back to see him following us, only about ten feet behind us! really creeper? you've never seen a blonde before? settle down.
we took this picture and chatted in the plaza. after 20 minutes of detours (no exaggeration), mr. creeps finally lurked his way out of the crowd.

i like to take pictures.

~casa de miguel cervantes~
alcalá claims that cervantes was born there - along with the seven other spanish cities that say so - and have re-created his house!

~i'm in love with lanterns~
i discovered this beauty in la casa de miguel cervantes and i had to get a picture, so i could recreate it for my own house someday

~museo arqueológico regional~

~just a card tournament in the calle mayor~

thanks señor :)

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