Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

So something bit my face. And in a few hours, my entire face swelled up. My mouth was actually lop-sided and I looked like a chubby baby who couldn´t open their mouth fully when I tried to eat. It was really attractive.
We headed over to the doctor, picked up some medicine and those pills and creams kissed that boo boo away!
I have this friend in my ward named Helio. His mom and sisters are members--one sister is actually on a mission in Peru--and his dad is not a member. He has seen probably over 15 sets of missionaries walk in and out of his house and attended church a bajillion times, but he did not want anything to do with the church. 
We taught him about the Restoration of the church, answered all his questions and left the lesson feeling great! But then, he disappeared. We could not find him.  We passed by his house every day and he was never there. Until one Friday afternoon, we found him sleeping on the couch. But we yelled his name and woke him up. Ha. Busted. We walked with him to a park and taught him more about the Plan of Salvation. Then in a moment of silence, I asked him, "Helio, how have you felt the Spirit in your life?" He sat there for a moment and began to tell us about some spiritual moments he had experienced. And we sat there and listened. We didn't say a word. We let the Spirit testify of his own words while we sat there, our eyes locked in on his. Then, the Spirit nudged me to ask him about baptism. He pondered and sighed, then pondered again. And then tears streamed down his face as the Spirit testified to him that it was time. He couldn't wait any longer. The time to change is now. And that change starts with a repentant heart and baptism.
I walked away from that lesson on a spiritual high. With Hermana Munoz, we reviewed what happened in that lesson. We learned the importance of inspired questions. When we take time to listen, the Spirit talks to us. And not only to just us missionaries, but to all people who have been baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. God talks to us. But we have to take the time to listen.
I read this awesome quote by Richard G Scott (everyone here is still convinced he is my grandpa...the whole stake thinks so): "By losing yourself in the service of God's children, Satan's temptations will not have power over you."
Go out and serve.
And Satan will be withheld.

This week, I encourage you to take five minutes to meditate every day, Monday to Sunday. Read the Book of Mormon or a talk from a general authority or your patriarchal blessing. And then sit there in silence. With a pen in your hand. And write.
God will speak to you.
But you must listen.
You will feel the presence of your Father in Heaven more strongly this week as you take the time to let Him speak to you.
I love you all so very much!
Hermana Scott

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