Friday, February 7, 2014

Feb. 2, 2014

Our investigator Gema is progressing wonderfully. One night, we couldn't pass by her house, so we called her and asked how she was doing. And of course, our golden investigator, was reading the Book of Mormon. We have been teaching Gema for two weeks now, and its amazing to see the differences she has made. She doesn't drink water or milk, only coffee. When we taught the Word of Wisdom to her, she was genuinely confused when we explained that she couldn't drink coffee. But as we testified to her that it was a commandment of God and that He knows better than we do, she humbly accepted and hasn't drunk her coffee. I've seen her change from timid and unsure, to more outgoing and confident. And that's what the gospel of Jesus Christ does.
The gospel gives us confidence.
The gospel gives us happiness.
The gospel gives us hope and purpose.
And I've watched the gospel give and give and give, not only in my service as a missionary, but I've experienced that change myself.

Walking in the hot, blistering sun (I know I mention the hot, blistering sun about ten times every email, but seriously, you should come experience this heat. Even the Ecuatorians complain. Thats when you know it's bad), missionaries create fun games to keep themselves positive and full of energy. Hermana Muñoz and I play slug bug, or in Chilean Spanish, ¨poncho¨. Vintage Volkswagon beatle: 1 punch, 1 point. Vintage Volkswagon Van: 2 punches, 2 points. So far, Hermana Muñoz is winning by about...49 points, due to my tendency of singing and occasional treasure picking upping (I have found some niiiiice treasures in the streets of Ecuador, including a nasty Barbie head and a Hulk leg)

I had another I-cant-handle-how-much-i-love-this-person experience. While teachimg Gema, I watched her eyes shine and her face light up. When we left the lesson, she full on kissed my cheek and then told us, ¨Les quiero mucho¨, o sea, I love you two so much. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Hermana Muñoz and I raved about our lesson with her all the way home. With a smile on her face, Hermana Muñoz looked out at the road and said, ¨Es tan bonito amar¨. I agree, Hermana. To love really is beautiful.

This morning, my zone leaders called her at 6:27 in the morning.
Cambios. You have to be in the terminal at 12:00.
That's what I told them.
Actually, I thanked them for the call and slowly walked into the other room speechless. The hermanas huddle around me and hugged me, telling me that all transfers are inspired and that I am needed somewhere else.
I packed my bags while the hermanas made pancakes (because they are the best and I adore them) and I headed to the terminal with Hermana Muñoz, Blanquito, Melanie and Marco. And I experienced the craziest transfer ever. 
I am now in Samanes 2. I go to the same chapel, and will see my old ward, and I live about a 15 minute walk from my old house. And I am surprisingly calm. I feel so at peace! I received a loving affirmation from Heavenly Father that I need to be here in Samanes 2. My companion is Hermana Wright from....drum roll please....LANCASTER, OHIO. I have a companion from Ohio!!! I never would have thought!

The Lord answers prayers. He truly does.
And I know that ¨there is a level of faith that causes things to happen that would otherwise not happen.¨ D Todd Christofferson. Our faith really can demand miracles from Heaven. 

Hermana Scott

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